Steps for Buying Your New Home

Obtaining a real estate agent

Developing a solid relationship with an agent who is interested in helping you reach your real estate goals is essential to a successful outcome.

Speak with a mortgage professional

Sellers want only financially qualified buyers looking at their property. A mortgage professional can tell you in a short amount of time exactly what you can spend for your new home, based on the financial profile you provide. There is no cost or obligation to you for this information.

Assemble Your Financial Documentation, References and Complete All Paperwork. 

Your real estate broker will advise you about all documentation requirements. The most basic requirements are financial proof of deposit, closing costs and income verification.

Obtain Financing

You may use the lending institution of your choice to obtain a mortgage loan. Your real estate agent can assist you in the search if you wish.

Schedule Appointments to Look at Properties

Scheduling in Southern California is fairly simple: Most owners insist that the buyer's agent be present for showings. Having a flexible schedule will give you more properties to choose from.

Make an Offer

After discussing your chosen property with your agent, be prepared to answer your agent’s questions such as the amount you are willing to offer, the amount you will give for your initial earnest money deposit, requested escrow timeframe and who will pay for inspections or if you wish to waive, items included and excluded in the sale as well as the home warranty. Your agent should have a strong strategy for presenting your offer in the best possible light making the chances for acceptation greater. In California, once your agent submits your offer the to the listing agent, it is the listing agent’s bound responsibility to present the offer to the seller. The seller has 3 days to accept or reject your offer, or present you with a Counter Offer. You then have 3 days (unless stated otherwise) to accept the terms of the Counter Offer, which changes supersede the Residential Purchase Agreement (your original offer). For any item not listed in the Counter Offer, the Residential Purchase Agreement terms will stand. Please remember in California, you may only write one offer at a time.

Once Your Offer is Accepted, Escrow will Contact You Obtain Your Initial Deposit

In California, escrow companies are used to “be the bank” for the buyer’s deposit and assure money is impartially held while keeping checks and balances of costs incurred by both buyer and seller and determining net proceeds at the close of escrow.

Your Lender Will Order Your Appraisal

Unless requirements have been met and it is waived in your contract, your lender will order your appraisal. Your lender may also ask you to update financial documentation during the escrow period.

Schedule Closing

Closing involves the buyer, seller, real estate agent, escrow, and title company. Each of the above parties must have all the necessary documentation. In addition, wired funds and notarized closing documents must be in place in order to fund and record the sale.


Based on your estimated closing date, schedule your move. Please keep in mind there are many moving parts and this date can be delayed. Please be flexible.

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