Seller Tips For a Smooth Transaction


Seller Tips For a Smooth Transaction

Selling your home can be stressful. Hiring an experienced agent who has a pulse on the current market is critical in helping to alleviate some of that stress. Your agent’s legal and ethical responsibility is to help you navigate the process of the sale and present every offer received on your home. Let’s break that down.

The process consists of many nuanced steps: cleaning, decluttering, and staging your home; presenting and explaining disclosures and all other real estate-related paperwork; and helping you understand the specifics of each offer, all while allowing you, the seller, to choose which offer you will accept. 

Once you have chosen your agent and signed your Residential Listing Agreement, the first step in the sale process is to present your home in its best light. Improving the exterior can be as simple as planting colorful flowers and cleaning the windows. If you’re looking to do some more in-depth home improvements, adding new sod to the yard or painting your home’s exterior are great options. These small and relatively cost-effective changes can make a tremendous difference in the amount of foot traffic your home will receive. Your home’s curb appeal is very important, as it will affect a Buyer’s first impression when viewing your home.

Seller Tips For a Smooth TransactionInside your home, decluttering, depersonalizing, and keeping every room clean and organized is crucial. Not only can it make each room look more spacious, it also allows Buyers to easily see themselves living there. Additionally, it helps Buyers focus on the beauty of your home. A fresh coat of paint and clean carpet/flooring can brighten your home and make it feel more inviting.

Now you are ready to have your agent bring in a photographer and take photos of your home for the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and Listing Flyers. Placing your home on the MLS is the best way to assure that your home receives the most online visibility. Your agent may ask you to move furniture or, in some instances, bring in a staging expert. Statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for a higher price. Together, you and your agent can discuss costs and whether or not hiring a staging expert makes sense for you.

Now that you are ready to show your home, it’s time to prepare. t is important to discuss the following things with your agent: whether or not you will allow a lockbox on your home and a sign in your front yard, what days and times you will allow showings by Agents, and whether or not you will allow Open Houses. All of these things will bring in more potential buyers, which in turn can bring in a higher price and lead to a faster sale. Please be flexible when considering days and times to show your home. Flexibility can make the difference between a Buyer viewing your home in person and that same Buyer passing on your home to view one with more flexible showing hours. Make sure to keep things like securing your pets in mind during showings and Open Houses.

As you begin packing, have a discussion with your agent about where you should place your packed boxes. You will want to make sure Inspectors and potential Buyers can view all areas of your home without obstruction. Some of the best places to store your boxes are inside closets, in the garage or shed, or, if the number of boxes is excessive, obtaining a storage unit.

Rest assured I am always available to guide my Seller through the process and deliver unparalleled customer service and professional advice. I offer an easy exit listing with a communication guarantee. If I do not update you at least once per week, you may ask to be released from your listing contract. 

In addition to my own expertise, I also work with an amazing team of ladies who are seasoned experts in their field. Since we are each governed by a different entity, each Team Member will assist you with facilitating and understanding the disclosures necessary to complete the close of your sale. Please see our Meet the Team page for more information on my partners in Escrow, Title, Lending, and my amazing Real Estate Transaction Coordinator. 


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